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              Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without supernaturalism, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

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              Senate rises for summer without passing conversion therapy bill

              The BC Humanist Association were disappointed to see the Senate adjourn for the summer yesterday without passing Bill C-6.?The bill, which only cleared the House of Commons last week,?would ban conversion therapy in Canada. Senators had approved the bill at second reading and referred it to the Standing Senate Committee...

              Conversion therapy ban passes House of Commons

              Humanists urge the Senate to pass Bill C-6 before summer break In a recorded vote this afternoon, Members of Parliament voted 263-63 to grant third reading to a bill that would ban conversion therapy in Canada. Bill C-6 is the second time Parliament has considered banning the harmful and pseudoscientific...

              Clergy residence deduction cost $1 billion over last decade

              In its latest report, the BC Humanist Association (BCHA) has estimated that the clergy residence deduction has cost the Canadian government over $1 billion over the past decade as individual religious officials are able to reduce their taxes by one-third.

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              Have an omelet and pray, with the Prime Minister

              This morning, the Prime Minister, leader of opposition and an untold number of Members of Parliament gathered, over Zoom, to join in the annual National Prayer Breakfast. While the American version of the event is probably more familiar to most people, Canada has in fact had its own Prayer Breakfast...

              2020 In Review

              This past year has been an unprecedented one on many levels. With the mass lockdowns, deaths, and other losses brought on by COVID-19, it has been an important time to stay true to our humanist values of morality, compassion, scientifically backed reason, and compassion. In the face of these challenges,...

              BC Humanist Association welcomes proposed legislation to expand access to medical assistance in dying

              Since our last response in January 2016, there has been a significant amount of research into the demand for medical assistance in dying (MAiD), and experience of the 13,000 Canadians who received their wish of an assisted death in Canada since legislation. However, there are also many people who would...

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              All in-person BCHA-sponsored events have been suspended for the time being. Some of our local affiliates have begun offering physically-distanced events. We encourage everyone to be mindful of public health guidelines.

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